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Introducing the Cooperative Chiropractic Chiropractors!

Meet Dr. Jamie Green

Dr. Jamie Green

Dr. Jamie Green

I have been given the power to heal the body from the inside out without any outside influence. I have been given the power to allow the body to function at its fullest capacity. What better feeling is there?

I purchased Cooperative Chiropractic after graduation knowing in my heart that I was in the right place. I have grown the practice into what it is today by simply sharing my gift and by my wonderful patients sharing their stories with others. My heart and soul are in this practice and my purpose in life is to serve you and your families.

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Meet Dr. Kevin Smith

Dr. Kevin Smith

Dr. Kevin Smith

I want to share the fantastic health benefits I have experienced with as many people possible, and I do that as a chiropractor. Chiropractic care is excellent at helping people manage their pain, but I want to awaken the world to the many other advantages chiropractic brings about.

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