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Purchasing a package

By purchasing a package of 12 visits you can experience the benefits of chiropractic care as you advance your health and correct your structure. You do not have to commit to an entire year of care up front.

Why 48

Packages consist of 12 visits because of proven results

Pain, pain, pain!! 

More often than not people choose to go to a chiropractor because something hurts; neck pain, low back pain headaches, etc. This pain is usually do to an acute flareup of a chronic issue which will not only take multiple visits but also time to heal.

The breakdown above is a general example and all of our patients’ care plans are specific to the individual. When a patient is in the acute (painful) stage of care 3 visits per week has proven to produce the best results. When the patient is no longer in pain frequency of visits reduces but structural corrections are still being made.

Health, health, health!!

Chiropractic is very good at reducing and eliminating pain but that’s not all it’s about. Once our patients are pain free most decide to continue on with a protection plan to prevent future flareups and because of the other “side-effects” they experience. Unlike the countless commercials on TV warning you of its products side-effects (…may include blurry vision, dry mouth, constipation, or…) chiropractic’s side-effects may include better health, improved immune function, decreased stress, more energy, increased libido, and happiness. 





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